Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Here is a generalisation of speech idea which made a child giggle today...

The child has two target sounds for generalisation, the 'k' and 'sh' sound. I chose these sounds as they maximally contrast and I was hoping for generalisation to other sounds.  He has a core vocab book that was made from an old Match Attax folder- this he loves to add to and it shows him his progress to keep him motivated. Everyone knows to listen out for his new words and ask him to 'fix' the core vocab word if he is not saying accurately (although not all the time).  I work on the success rate of at least 80% to keep motivation going- for every two correction there has to be at least 8 praises specific to the child. We are now working on the sounds in word initial position within sentences as he can already get them in single words consistently and accurately.

So the generalisation task today was to make a funny book. This I had printed out earlier (sorry he has got it so no pictures).

The title page was 'A funny cake'.  The opening line was that his teacher (one of his target words) is making a cake with funny ingredients. I then wrote 'she put in a...' and after each dots he had to stick in a picture of the 'k' or 'sh' word he had cut out, he then said the whole sentence. The ingredients were ridiculous like 'smelly shoes' and 'a can of coke'. He was really involved and enjoyed the task and the more silly the ingredient the more motivated he was to say the word accurately in the sentence.